Blogging 101: Reading List

I signed up for Blogging 101 and I have read all the assignments but never actually got around to doing any of them. Which didn’t come as much of a surprise to me. I’m not great with keeping to deadlines. But this assignment reminded me that the other day I added a new page to my blog to keep track of my reading list for the year and I haven’t actually had an opportunity to point it. So I thought I’d take this.

The page can be found here or on the menu bar at the top. I’ll keep it updated as I discover new books I’m dying to read, pick up different books that weren’t on my list but now are and cross off the ones that I have finished. The last one I’m sure I’ll be very prompt about doing. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as crossing something off a list. Practically the only thing keeping me motivated to finish A Tale of Two Cities is the prospect of being able to cross it off the list (and also that I’m incapable of leaving a book unfinished).


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