Burning down the house

This is two prompts in one. Firstly, the five things that I would grab if the house was on fire and secondly, the things I’d really regret that I’d had to leave behind.

So what five things would I grab if the house was on fire?


1. Laptop

This is mostly important because it has all my holiday photos saved on it. And my music. I could easily replace my iPod but it’s taken me years to build up my collection of songs and audiobooks.

2. Brunton

Brunton is my teddy bear. Yes, I still have my childhood teddy bear. And he is still a huge comfort to me when I’m upset. So without a doubt Brunton would be coming with me if the house was burning down.

3. Jewellery Box

Specifically my fancy jewellery box where I keep all my expensive jewellery. Most of it was stuff that was left to me by my Granma so her engagement ring and signet ring and a pair of beautiful ruby earrings.

4. Painting of Madeira

This painting is doubly special as not only was it painted by my Grandpa but there’s a tiny version of my mum in it. Plus I’d go past it on my way downstairs so wouldn’t have to risk my life much just to grab it off the wall as I ran screaming to the front door (I’m fairly certain that in a crisis I would fail miserably).

5. Phone

I was going to say, ‘because, duh, I’m a teenage girl’ but I’m not, I’m just living in the past. I don’t really know why I’m saving my phone as there’s nothing of sentimental value on it that isn’t already on my laptop and I spend a lot of my time complaining about how glitchy it is but I know that if the house was burning down it would be one of the first things I grabbed.

The things I would regret leaving behind is much harder.


1. My childhood diary

I always thought when I got older I’d look back through my childhood diaries to see what on earth 13 year old me was so upset about and I’d really regret never getting a chance to do this.

2. Books

I have some beautiful books on my shelf, particularly my Folio Society collection of Jane Austen and my newly purchased copy of Atonement. Although having all my books burnt to a crisp would be a good excuse for a lot of bookshop browsing.

3. Elephant figures

These were brought back from the Far East by my grandparents. They kind of bother me because the tusks are made from real ivory but it was before people really became aware of animals being endangered so I can live with it. They’re just such lovely ornaments and it would be a real shame for them to be gone forever.

4. Watch

It was bought for me as a 21st birthday present by my parents and although it could be easily replaced with an identical one I’d much rather keep the original.

5. My chair

I have a really comfy chair in my bedroom that I always thought I’d keep for ever and just recover as I redecorated. It’s just the perfect shape for sitting in for hours without getting stiff at all and I don’t think Ikea sell it anymore. Although most of the time it’s piled up with clean washing that I haven’t put away yet so it doesn’t get used as much as it should.


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