Dragging myself out of bed

IMG_5961Getting up in the mornings has always been a bane in my side. It’s not that I’m not a morning person – once I am up I’m fine. But that can take a while. Often this isn’t helped because I’ve had trouble getting to sleep in the first place but even when I’ve had a good nine hours sleep I can still want to lounge in bed with a book and my laptop for another couple of hours. Or else just roll over and go back to sleep. So finding something to get me out of bed, especially when I’ve actually got to get up to do work, is a bit of a struggle.

I don’t know if anyone else does this but I personally like to name my alarms after things that might actually get me out of bed. Like if I’m going shopping that day or if I’m reading a particularly good book. But if there’s nothing good happening that day, if all I’ve got ahead of me is work, then I will always name my alarm ‘Ikea furniture.’ The prospect of having the money to buy Ikea furniture should be enough motivation to get me out of bed.

Along with every other cliche girl in their 20’s I just love Ikea. It’s my happy place. A trip out with my mum looking at pretty furniture followed by meatballs and Dime Bar cake equals a very good day in my book. But I never actually get to buy anything, aside from the obvious tealights and napkins. Just one day I’d like to go to Ikea with a whole house to decorate. And preferably no budget constraints (but that’s just getting unrealistic).

In order for that to ever happen I need a house to decorate. And to get a house I need the money to buy one. And to get the money I need to get my ass out of bed and in front of my laptop and doing some work.

It doesn’t always work. Sometimes bed is just too inviting. But most of the time it does the trick. And hopefully that little bit of effort will mean that one day I will have a lounge of my very own, and it will look something like this.



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