Small pleasures week #4


1. Desert for dinner

It was pancake day, what was I supposed to have for dinner? Something sensible? Absolutely not. They were unashamedly delicious. And eventually I’ll get round to writing up the recipe for this carb loaded, calorie heavy heaven as more people need to be enjoying them.

2. Driving

I passed my driving test over a year ago and still hadn’t plucked up the courage to go for a drive on my own…. until yesterday. I went on a little tour of my town, taking only left turns, all on my own. And actually it wasn’t scary at all. But I’m so pleased with myself for having it done it finally! So now I can drive to all sorts of places. If only I had somewhere to go….

3. Mariner’s Revenge Song by The Decemberists

The Decemberists have been one of my favourite bands for many years ever since I first read about them in It Girl by Cecily von Zisegar. I have since got my dad to like them enough that I could justify buying tickets to go and see them in Birmingham and passing them off as his Christmas present. Not at all selfish. Anyway the Mariner’s Revenge Song is a staple of a Decemberists concert – it involves lots of audience participation and is just great fun really. And although I’d never really loved this song before after experiencing it live and the fun of dancing along with my dad I’ve since been singing it to myself all week. Now why don’t you get it stuck in your head too…….

Thanks as always to Mani for the great idea. Read about her small pleasures here.


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