Two heads are better than one


Right, I need some help. I recently did my first My Month in Books post and less than five minutes after posting it I started having second thoughts.

This isn’t unusual. The moment I hit publish I start thinking of things I should have said, or a better image I could have used, or notice glaring typos.

But seen as My Month in Books is supposed to be an ongoing post, a monthly feature, I can implement these second thoughts next time around.

I like the concept but I don’t think it’s as good as it could be. I read twelve books in February, the shortest month, and it was an incredibly long post. So how much longer will March’s be?

And I like the idea of the where I was reading it and how long it took me as something a bit different to every other book blogger doing a review of the books they read. So I got thinking about similar things to add. Favourite quote from each book. Whether I’d read it again. So now it’s just getting even longer.

The best solution I have seems to be to chuck all this stuff in and just make it a weekly (or more realistically, fortnightly) post instead. But if you have any thoughts on this, anything you’d be interested to see added to the post next time around, I’d love to hear it.

I really should have thought all this through before I did the first post. Oh well. I never claimed to be the most organised person (apart from on every job application ever, shh).


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