Day 1: Winning my heart

The unif
The unofficial sixth way is food
  1. Be really close to your family

I’m ridiculously close to my parents, closer to them than anyone else in the world and I’d want someone who understood that. And understood that no matter how much I loved them, I’d probably never love them as much as my mum, who is without a doubt the best person in the whole world.

  1. Lots of Harry Potter themed dates

My ex-boyfriend was a bit of a crap boyfriend in general but the two best things he ever did for me were taking me to the Harry Potter Studio Tours for my Christmas present and watching all the Harry Potter films so I’d have someone to go and see the final one with (and although watching all the Harry Potter films is hardly a chore it was still a really sweet gesture).

  1. Understand that I’m ill

Understand that I’m not just making a fuss about nothing. There are going to be some days where all I’m capable of is lying in bed. Sometimes I might cry for no reason or get really worked up over tiny little things. Someone who asked me how I was feeling and really cared about the answer could have my heart on a platter.

  1. Read a lot

I need someone I can talk about books to as much as I want without their mind wandering or their eyes glazing over. Even better if they could add their own opinion. This blog is a good outlet but I just don’t think I could ever love someone who’d rather watch the film than read the book.

  1. Just be a nice person

Be the kind of person who helps an old lady across the road, offers to carry someone’s suitcase for them, volunteers for a charity. It makes my heart burst with pride to see someone do something nice and know that they love me.

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8 thoughts on “Day 1: Winning my heart

  1. Hi Lizzy, I enjoyed reading your post. I’m incredibly close to my parents too and I love my mum to bits! I think the 30 Day Writing Challenge is fantastic and I can’t wait to read more of your posts! =)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh come on! Hahaha… We’ll see..
            You know each time I read your blog I feel guilty cos I keep telling myself to read as many books as I can but I always procrastinate. I will end up watching youtube or a tv show. Haha..


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