Day 8: You are what you eat

FullSizeRender (6) Seen as I’m not done eating today this is what I ate yesterday. Which means I’d forgotten I was doing this so really wish I’d eaten healthier. But oh well. Might as well tell the truth. Plus in a weird way I’m quite proud of just how unhealthy I can be. Until I get diagnosed with diabetes that is.

For breakfast I had a bowl of cornflakes with more sugar than I care to admit to.

Then I had some Celebrations because I’m trying to make breakfast pudding a thing.

For lunch I had a brie toastie with salad which sounds more healthy than it was because you can’t see just how much brie I squeezed into it. Or the huge wedge I ate while I was waiting for it to be done. I love brie.

After that things really started to fall apart. I always get desperately hungry about half three. Sometimes a cup of tea will trick my body into being full but not today. So I ate a packet of crisps. And then a pear. And then some roquito peppers (which are my new favourite food). And then five ginger biscuits (which would have been more but that was all that was left in the pack).

Dinner was salmon but not just any salmon; fennel grilled salmon with roasted peppers, rice with roquito peppers, courgette salad and guacamole – delish.

And while watching TV in the evening I polished off a whole sharing size bar of Dairy Milk. In less than ten minutes.

I really hate this challenge. It seems so much worse when it’s all written down.

Day 8 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. You can see the other days here.


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