Small Pleasures Week #6


1. Brie

I am just loving brie at the moment. Brie sandwiches, brie crackers, brie toasties, brie fondue, just a huge wedge of brie as a snack. It will wear off soon but at the moment I wake up in the morning and think ‘ooh, brie for lunch today.’ I’m seriously trying to find an appropriate brie breakfast recipe.

2. Arizona Iced Tea

I lived on this stuff for two months while I was in America. At less than a dollar for half a litre it was cheaper than water. I dread to think what it did to my teeth but it was delicious. And then I came across it in a shop less than twenty minutes from my house! And for only 88p! So I stocked up and bought five. It tastes like nostalgia.

3. Ed Sheeran

Only two years late in realising but this Ed Sheeran guy’s pretty good, isn’t he? I’ve been listening to both his albums on repeat for the past couple of weeks and still haven’t got even slightly bored. It also means that I now think of his songs as the soundtrack to reading The Hobbit and I love when a song and book become interlinked. Even more conveniently as he actually wrote a song for the soundtrack of the second Hobbit film.

4. Spring

Blue skies, light breezes and daffodils – could this be spring on it’s way? Well no because now it’s raining again. But those couple of days of sunshine have got me really excited for winter being over. Cannot wait to pack away my hats and scarves and not spend every minute of my day just moving from radiator to radiator.

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