Day 9: Education

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How important do I think education is?

Well pretty important, I guess. I do find myself getting frustrated at people who don’t know even the simplest facts. Those people on Pointless (the best game show on television) who can’t even recognise a picture of Earth! But a lot of the time that’s more a failing of common sense than education. A school based education isn’t for everyone. If everyone excelled at school and went on to A-Levels and university we’d have a country with far too many doctors and absolutely no plumbers.

My view on this will be biased because I never really struggled with education. I could not pay attention in lessons, refuse to do homework, start revising the night before an exam and still come away with an A. My problems weren’t with what the school was teaching me, just the people I was being taught alongside.

By the age of 17 I’d pretty much stopped turning up to school; not just because I hated it, though that played a large part, but mostly because my health took a turn for the worse. My A-Levels were almost entirely self taught. And seen as I did no worse under my own teaching than I had in formal education I stuck with this attitude.

My friends at university seemed to think my chronic absenteeism from lectures and seminars went beyond what was normal for a student to a level that was borderline ridiculous. But I just did what suited me. The lecturer who just read off the slides which were going to be online later that day? Might as well stay in bed. The lecture that was held at 6pm on a Friday evening? I can’t believe anyone went to that one. The lecturer who insisted on taking a register so that she could compare our attendance with the mark we achieved at the end of the year? I skived that one just to mess up her findings.

And I came out at the end of my degree with as high a mark as I could have hoped for.

I’ve just been writing this just as it comes into my head. It’s not something I’d usually blog about (these 30 Day Writing Challenges seem to be getting harder). I have a lot of thoughts on the subject of education and could have gone on for a lot longer and down different tangents but I don’t have any conclusions to bring my thoughts too. I’m not informed enough to now declare what I think the government should be doing to combat the problems in education. And as far as I’m concerned I don’t think I’ll be returning to education again. I’d like to stop learning and start actually doing. What to do though is a much bigger question.


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