Day 13: Body Image


Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.

How comfortable am I with my body? Absolutely not at all.

I don’t think I know any girls you like their body. And it’s a huge pity because absolutely none of them have anything to worry about. But it’s so much easier to say that to someone else than to say it to yourself. So I carry on wishing I was thinner, wishing I was blonder, wishing I had whiter teeth and thicker eyelashes and a darker skin tone.

The amount of detail I can go into about the things I wish I could change about my body is really frightening. Thinner ankles, longer fingers, more obvious wrist bones. Stuff I’m sure nobody else would ever notice about me.

Some of these things can be changed by throwing money at them. And I suppose depending on just how much money and how much pain I was willing to go through, I could make myself into my idea of perfection. But I shouldn’t want to. Something about the world we grow up in means we can’t just be comfortable in our own skin. I hate the idea that if I ever have a daughter one day she’ll stand in front of the mirror and hate what she sees. But yet again, as with all these things, I don’t know how to fix it. And nobody else seems to either.

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