Day 14: Why I’m not a fashion blogger


Day 14 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is ‘What I Wore Today’. It’s really lucky this fell on a day I actually left the house or the answer would have been tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. But then I had to face doing the actual post.

There is a good reason I’m not a fashion blogger. I love shopping and I love clothes but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t ever really do anything inventive with my outfits, I spend most of my days in pyjamas and I just hate taking photos of myself (I’m also not very good at it as you can see from the ‘phone right in front of my face’ situation I’ve got going on).

So this was a bit of a challenge. But I suppose that’s the point of the 30 Day Writing CHALLENGE.

Anyway, I will not be defeated; what did I wear today?

Jeans are from H&M. They’re high waisted and button up which I’m not a fan of (hugely impractical for going to the toilet in a hurry) but I like the colour and that they’re not too skinny at the bottom (and they were only £14.99) so I forgive them. They’re supposed to be ankle length but I’m so short that they fit me perfectly as normal length jeans. Which is a little depressing. I knew I was short but not that short!

The top is actually a dress. I bought it for my travels last year but then it went into the sale. I go off clothes when I see they’re in the sale because I don’t trust my own opinion; if other people didn’t like it then it must not be nice. But I still love the material so I tucked it into the top of my jeans and tried to make it look like it was a top with frill round the bottom, rather than a dress tucked into my jeans. You can judge for yourself if it worked but please don’t tell me it didn’t because I’ve already left the house with it on.

The jacket I bought as a compromise between a leather biker jacket and my bank balance. Plus biker jackets will go out of fashion eventually whereas this *might* prove to be timeless.

The shoes are my absolute favourites. I had an almost identical pair from Primark which I wore until they fell apart. The day I found these in New Look I declared it was the best day of my life. Then remembered my boyfriend had broken up with me that very morning. I’m so fickle.

The necklace is a real pain because the moment I take it off it becomes a huge knotted mess. So I have to schedule an extra 10 minutes into getting ready if I want to wear it so that I can untangle it.

The bag was also bought for travelling but I didn’t actually end up taking it. The zip is really annoying – zips were not designed to curve. And its very floppy. But I still use it all the time. Mostly because it’s a lot of hassle moving everything from one bag to another.

Phew it’s done. Now I can get back to posts about books.

9 thoughts on “Day 14: Why I’m not a fashion blogger

  1. My favourite part, “The day I found these in New Look I declared it was the best day of my life. Then remembered my boyfriend had broken up with me that very morning.”
    Cute outfit and I didn’t realise that the top wasn’t a top until you said. I just thought you put the dress on the side as an alternative to what you were wearing, because you couldn’t find a pic of it… know what I mean?

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