Day 15: Horoscopes

I was just going to skip this day as I think horoscopes are (to quote Sheldon Cooper) hokum. But twenty7zero3 suggested I use this prompt to explain why. So instead of getting a day off I have to actually do some more writing. Thanks for that!

As a teenager I read my horoscope religiously. Everyone who read Mizz magazine did. But if it ever came true I never doubted that it was coincidence.

Last summer I met a woman whose first job was writing horoscopes for a Scottish newspaper. She was in no way trained in astrology. She wasn’t even trained as a journalist. She just made up stuff that got her to the word limit and then collected the pay cheque. So how could I ever trust a horoscope when odds are it’s been written by someone equally sceptical?

The main reason I can’t get on board with astrology though is that it’s highly unlikely that everyone born at the same time of the year will have similar personality traits. Let alone that it’s because of the relative positions of random planets. It seems a bit self-centred to think that all of astronomy is just a tool to decide whether a new born baby will be broadminded or easy going.

Also, as a Gemini I’d have to write off ever dating anyone born January, July, November or March. Dating opportunities are thin on the ground enough; I can’t afford to do that!

As Hermione said, ‘very woolly. A lot of guesswork, if you ask me.’

The rest of my 30 Day Writing Challenge can be found here.


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