Day 17: Something I’m proud of


I am proud of this blog. For the past three months I have been posting on here almost every week. They aren’t always well researched or well phrased posts but I’m still hugely proud of them.

Maybe it’s not so much that I’m proud of the blog but I’m proud of myself for having this blog. That it’s not just another thing to add to the list of stuff I was too anxious about to ever actually get round to doing. Another thing that I started and then lost interest in a few weeks later.

You only have to look around my bedroom to see the amount of projects I’ve left half finished. The scrapbook I was going to make of my travels around America – the book still empty on my shelf, the memorabilia packed away in a box. The cushion cover I made but never got round to putting the buttons on. The old t-shirts I’m saving for some sort of purpose but no idea what that will be. It’s amazing to anyone who knows me that three months on this blog hasn’t been abandoned.

And not only has it not been abandoned but people are actually reading it! That will never stop astonishing me. I’m just rambling on about the things that interest me and other people are enjoying it. Who would have thought.

Day 17 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.


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