Day 18: Technology hates me

I have a laptop, an iPod and an iPhone and they all seem to be competing to see who can be the most glitchy. Like misbehaving children competing for the attention of their mother.

My phone dies at 70% battery. My previous phone was a Blackberry, a notoriously glitchy brand, which I had no problems with so this must be karma.

My iPod every other week likes to forget it has any music stored on it and then refuse to connect to my laptop so I can’t fix it.

My laptop will stop connecting to the internet, freeze when I try to run troubleshooter and then when troubleshooter does work pretends there isn’t a problem.

Where can I buy a one way ticket to Hogwarts? They don’t have these kinds of problems there.

Day 18 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.


4 thoughts on “Day 18: Technology hates me

  1. If you think you wouldn’t have any bother at Hogwarts, just remember when Ron had a broken wand… be happy that you’re not vomiting slugs! Yuck.
    At least Muggle technology can’t go that wrong!


  2. Yeah it expired ages ago unfortunately. It’s pretty old but I just can’t afford to replace it. I moan about its glitches but I quite like that it has character


  3. Three days ago I took my iPhone to customer service because one button didn’t work anymore. I have to wait 3 weeks but they’re going to give me another one (new). Have you checked when does the warranty expires?


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