30 Day Writing Challenge: Progress Report

Why is it that when it comes to things like applying for jobs, writing essays or getting out of bed I have no self-discipline but I’ve been religiously adhering to the 30 Day Writing Challenge? I mean I’m really proud of myself for having stuck to it and everything but there’s not really a point to it. It’s not teaching me anything, I’m not gaining anything by doing it; I’m only doing it because it’s fun.

So if the point is to have fun then surely that gives me the right to skip the days that aren’t fun? The days that I just can’t think what on earth to write for them? For example tomorrow, ‘Your Academics’ – I can’t even think of ten words to write on that let alone a whole post.

But I just can’t bring myself to skip it. And now I’m more annoyed at myself for not being able to skip it than for not being able to think of anything to write.

Maybe in the next 24 hours inspiration will strike and I’ll rattle off a whole post and look back on it as one of my best. Or I’ll skip Day 22 and there will be no repercussions, no one will have been let down or even care, and I’ll still feel guilty about it.


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