Day 22: Choices

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I have a degree in management and economics and I look back on it now and have no idea why.

Management is basically just sociology and sociology is trying to make a science out of common sense. Which is stupid and pointless.

The economics I did enjoy. It’s great that I can now watch the news or read the newspaper and properly understand the mechanics behind what’s going on. But I still think I would have enjoyed literature more.

I love reading (obviously) but I finish books and I don’t feel I properly understand them. I’d like to know what the themes are, what links I’m supposed to making, if the time period it was written in or the age of the author when writing it was significant. Although I know so little about literature that I don’t even know if those are the things you would learn during a literature degree.

But if I had done a degree in literature would I really be happier? Having to read rather than choosing to read might have ruined reading for me. If I was constantly being told what books to read I might have rebelled by refusing to read for pleasure anymore.

I don’t think I’d quite class this up there with the big regrets of my life. Aside from the actual education I loved my time at university and if I’d done a different degree I might not have met the same people and had the same experiences. And odds are my job prospects right now would be no better. But I do have wonder just what I was thinking five years ago when I picked a Management and Economics degree.

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3 thoughts on “Day 22: Choices

  1. I also recently graduated with an Econ degree and am kind of thinking along the same lines. It’s just kind of like…now what? I loved Econ but I love books more and have also thought about the “What if?” of choosing a major based on that. I guess there’s always graduate school…(ugh!)

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