Day 28: London


So where would I like to move to? The heading and picture should make it pretty obvious.

I love the idea of moving to London. It might not be as pretty as Paris or as friendly as Savannah or have as much history as Rome but it’s the only city I could ever imagine myself living in.

But I will only ever imagine it. I’d miss my parents too much. I’d hate the busyness. I’d hate the price of things. I’d hate how gross my hair and skin felt after a day in city air.

So I think I’ll stick to visiting.


4 thoughts on “Day 28: London

  1. I love London too and feel very much at home there. When I was young and visited London it was still very polluted and the buildings were black from the smoke. Now it seems so much cleaner. The renovated famous buildings are light again as if they were newly built


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