Day 30: Something I’m excited for


I can’t wait for my life to get started. It’s been long enough since I last went on a job application binge that I’m not completely downhearted and despondent about the whole process. It feels like something could actually happen now. I could find the perfect job. Hell, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just interesting, with nice people and preferably involving books in some way. Librarian? Book shop manager? Marketing assistant for a publishers? There’s so many possibilities.

And now I’m ready for them to stop being possibilities and start being reality. Waking up in the morning with a purpose, something to get excited about. Having a steady income so I can book holidays and days out without feeling guilty that I’m just eating into my savings.

Maybe I could even be waking up in my own home. No longer having to keep all my belongings in one room. Take trips to Ikea with a purpose rather than just eating Dime Bar Cake and buying napkins.

It would also be nice to have an actual answer when a relative or family friend asks ‘so, what do you do?’ rather than having to exaggerate and skirt around the edges when the truth is most days I sit in my pyjamas, halfheartedly searching for jobs and then publishing my troubles on the internet for all the world to read.

Optimism is unusual for me. I’ll usually very optimistic about other people’s lives and as pessimistic as you can get about my own. Maybe it’s something to do with the weather – it’s so much easier to be positive when the sky is blue and the world is covered in daffodils. But what does it matter why? Life’s no longer looking bleak and I love it.

The final day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. You can find links to all the previous posts here.


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