Small Pleasures Week #9


1. Duolingo

This app was recommended to me by pxoppy and I’ve been hooked ever since I first downloaded it. It’s teaching me German but it feels like a game rather than learning. What I could remember from my German GCSE was minimal but now I can string together such vital phrases as ‘the cheese is salty’ and ‘is that your cow?’ (and some useful things too).

2. Hot water bottles

I’ve been having a hot water bottle every night since last September but back then it was a necessity. I was sleeping huddled in a ball in an attempt to have every body part touching its boiling hot comfort. But now that I don’t really need one I can really appreciate it. Rolling over in the night and finding that warm patch in the bed is one of the best feelings life has to offer.

3. Ginger and green tea

I’ve been fighting off a cold all week and this tea is a god sent. It’s warming and soothing at the same time. And because it’s green tea it feels like it’s doing something good to my body.

4. Raised by Wolves

I’ve loved Caitlin Moran for years ever since I first discovered her column in The Times but her new sitcom has taken my obsession to a new level. From the second scene of the first episode where mum says to Yoko, ‘Push all the sadness deep down inside yourself, plaster on a smile and let’s crack on with Tuesday’ I knew this was the programme for me. Plus the more Midlanders on TV the better in my opinion – ‘We’re not Southern twats, and we’re not Northern twats – we’re Midlands twats.’

5. Making plans

This week has been a good one for setting up some Large Pleasures for the next month. Next weekend I’m off to a friend’s housewarming in Manchester and then at the end of the month it’s time for Harry Potter Studio Tours! I’ve been before but that doesn’t mean I’m not as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve at the prospect of four hours walking around pretending to be Hermione while drinking butterbeer and taking photos of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Thanks to Mani from A New Life Wandering for the great idea.


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