Small Pleasures Week #10


All but one of my small pleasures this week come from the same day – last Monday to be precise. It was just a really good day.

1. Spontaniety

On Monday I visited one my best friends and it was lovely weather, actual sunglasses were needed, so we took a spontaneous trip to Woburn Safari Park. Spontaneous trips are just the best. They can’t possibly be a let down because you haven’t built up any expectations.

2. McDonalds breakfast

The day got off to a great start with some McDonalds drive-through breakfast. I barely ever eat at McDonalds so this felt like a proper treat. And the sausage and egg McMuffin with hash brown and iced mocha really hit the spot.

3. Elephants

After a 45 minute queue to get in (don’t you just love Bank Holidays) we finally got to see some animals! But the highlight was the elephants. They were having a special Elephant Appreciation Weekend which meant for a £5 donation to The International Elephant Foundation we could have our photo taken right next to one. After some hurried tidying of the hair and application of make-up (we’d left in a bit of a rush) we were ready to be properly excited about this. And the result is one of my favourite photos of all time.

4. Ice cream

And by the end of the day it was still sunny enough to think ice cream was a good idea. After another 30 minute queue (by which time it wasn’t really sunny enough for ice cream) I got a delicious scoop of chocolate and coconut. And managed to eat it without dripping it anywhere!

And in slightly less exciting news……

5. Rearranging my bookshelves

My bookshelves and I are in an ongoing battle between how many books I own and the physical amount of space I have. But I had a burst of inspiration on Friday and managed to move my books around in such a way that I made room for five more (four of them may have already been bought).

Thank you to Mani for the great idea. You can read about her Small Pleasures here.


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