Recipe: Salted Ginger Fudge

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This really would have been a better recipe to post around Christmas time. Fudge is an ideal present and the ginger and mixed spice in this give it a proper Christmassy flavour. But once you’ve tried it you won’t want to limit yourself to only eating it for one month a year either.

The great thing about fudge is that it keeps for aaaaagggggeeees. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating. It keeps for two months. But compared to most baked things that really is ages. And as we’re only a small family it can be a bit of a struggle to get through a whole cake or batch of biscuits before they start to go stale (I’m not saying we don’t do it – I wouldn’t dream of letting a cake go to waste – but I’m often left uncomfortably full after) so something like fudge which you can make and eat at your own pace is much more convenient.

The day you’re going to make this don’t bother going to the gym. Making fudge is HARD WORD. You basically have to stir continuously over a very hot saucepan for half an hour. But I suppose it’s good that it’s hard work because have you seen the list of ingredients?!? Huge amounts of sugar AND huge amounts of butter AND condensed milk AND golden syrup. But that’s what makes it so very very delicious.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a sugar thermometer. I’ve made this several times without one, you just have to blag it a bit. For judging when soft ball stage has been reached and it’s time to remove the fudge from the heat I followed these instructions and it’s always worked for me. Just make sure to have a glass of iced water ready beside the saucepan before you turn the heat on.

A good tip for getting the pan clean afterwards is to fill it with boiling water and leave it to simmer for ten minutes or so. This cleans off all the sugar that gets stuck to the outside. Also, I believe it’s best not to use a non-stick pan for fudge but I don’t know where I heard that or who told me so feel free to ignore it and tell me how you get on.


100g stem ginger

250g butter

1 x 379g can condensed milk

120g muscovado sugar

500g demerara sugar

2 tbsp golden syrup

175ml milk

Pinch of salt

4 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp mixed spice


Line a 30cm x 30cm tin with greaseproof paper.

Chop the ginger into small pieces.

Put the butter, condensed milk, sugars, golden syrup and milk into a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring continuously.

Simmer, stirring continuously, until it reaches 116°C or ‘soft ball stage’ which takes about 15 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat and let sit for 5 minutes while it cools slightly.

Add the salt, ground ginger and mixed spice and beat vigorously (or as vigorously as you can, you’re going to have to keep this up for about 10 minutes).

When it’s started to noticeably thicken add the chopped ginger.

Continue stirring until it cools to 60°C at which point it will be the consistency of peanut butter and getting too stiff to stir.

Scrape the fudge into the lined tin and flatten out as best as you can.

Chill in the fridge for 2 hours then remove and leave it to set at room temperature overnight.

Remove from the tin and cut into squares using a sharp knife.


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