Small Pleasures Week #11


1. Having the house to myself

My parents went out to the theatre and I hadn’t realised just how long it had been since I’d had an evening with the house completely to myself. I love living with my parents (and not just because it’s cheap) but it’s still nice to have some time on my own. With complete control of the remote control. And being able to eat as much chocolate as I want without anyone commenting on it (although it’s good I don’t get to do that too much or you have no idea the size I would be).

2. Game of Thrones

It’s back! That’s all I have to say.

3. Train journeys

Yesterday I spent four hours on a train. For some people that is their idea of hell but for me it was four wonderful hours. The train journey took me to visit a friend in Manchester who I hadn’t seen in too long and I had a wonderful time but that’s not the point, the point is the journey. I just love travelling by train. I read a book, I read the paper, I ate some crisps, I stared out the window, I accidentally engaged the woman next to me in conversation and then I read my book some more.

4. Baking

It had been so long since I’d last baked anything but I just hadn’t felt the motivation. But on Wednesday evening it all came flooding back and I locked myself in the kitchen for three hours, emerging with more ginger fudge (recipe here if you’re interested) than we’re ever going to be able to eat.

5. People

There’s no denying there are some bad ones but in general, aren’t people great? This week I’ve met four new people who were all great fun, seen three people be kind for no reason at all and watched two people stand up, say how much they love each other and get married. Right now, I’m feeling very positive about humanity.


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