The authors I just can’t get enough of


This is my response to this weeks ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ from The Broke and the Bookish. I always see other people doing these and think they look like great fun but I just never get round to it somehow. Well not so this week! This week I was completely on the ball. Apart from instead of a top ten I only have a top five. But can we just all pretend not to notice that, ok? Ok.


I’ve read everything she’s ever written – her well known novels, her unfinished novels, her letters to her sister, the short stories she wrote as a child – so although in numbers she might not be as high as some other authors, percentage wise it’s practically a full house.

Favourite: Pride and Prejudice of course!


I devoured Jacqueline Wilson novels as a teenager. My dad would present with the newest book mere days after it was first published, usually with the warning that I should probably wait until I was a little older to read it. I never listened and would have it finished in a matter of hours. And I’m very glad that when I read them now they haven’t lost any of the appeal.

Favourite: as a child Secrets but now Vicky Angel.


The Gossip Girl series was one of my absolute favourites as a teenager. And then The It Girl and then The Carlyles. Of course this was before The CW got their hands on them, turned it into a TV series and in the process changed practically everything except the name. If you’ve only ever seen the TV series and never experienced the books then I’d recommend picking them up just to see how different they are – for example, Vanessa is supposed to be bald.

Favourite: The It Girl


I certainly own enough Ian McEwan for him to deserve a place on this list but I have only read about half of what I own. One day I will finish his entire back catalogue – although it would be helpful if he’d stop publishing new ones!

Favourite: Atonement


I was sitting here, racking my brain to come up with a fifth one for this list which is stupid really when Philippa Gregory is the only author I own enough books by to warrant her having her own shelf. I’ve read all of The Tudor Court  series and am a book and a half short of finishing The Cousins’ Wars series. They’re not always that interesting, the characters and plots and descriptions can get a bit repetitive and they’re some of the ugliest covers on my shelves but they never fail to get me completely hooked.

Favourite: The Constant Princess 

Had I done the full ten I would definitely have been dipping into some of my really early years reading – Dick King Smith, Roald Dahl, Anne Fine – and I wonder if that’s because as children we’re more likely to stick to the same authors or because children’s authors are more prolific?


2 thoughts on “The authors I just can’t get enough of

  1. Jane Austin is my girl. Pride and Prejudice specifically. In high school before class I would sit on the floor in front of my locker and just read it over and over, trying to convince myself not to settle for anyone less than Mr. Darcy, and to be as strong willed as Elizabeth. Thank goodness I found my “Mr. Darcy” or I would probably still be waiting

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    1. It’s good to know there are Mr Darcys out there, I’ll have to keep hunting for mine. I always thought Jane Austen gave me unrealistic expectations of men!


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