Where’s my inspiration gone?

It seems that all I’m good for at the moment is lists.

I sit down to write other posts and the inspiration just does not come. Five books have been and gone without me having even the slightest inclination to review them. A couple of them it’s because I’ve felt pretty blah about the whole thing afterwards and it’s hard to write 500 words on a book that didn’t make you feel anything. But I loved Eleanor and Park and I still can’t find a way to express it.

Even this post, just a filler post to empty out my head and try and shake off some of the cobwebs, has taken three goes to write.

It’s also not helping how miserable it is in the evenings. The lighting really isn’t conducive to photo-taking and sometimes the photos are my favourite parts of my blog posts.

The last time I had a period like this I blamed it on work draining all of my energy, leaving me nothing left to be creative with. And as much as I think it might be that again, I don’t like the idea that from now on if I’m working, I can’t be blogging (especially as my contract has now been extended to the end of January – hallelujah).

I desperately don’t want to abandon this blog. For one thing I really enjoy it. Another, I’ve put in some much hard work, and written so many posts I’m really proud of, I can’t leave it to flounder after only one year.

As bad as it might be, I’d rather be publishing something than nothing. Because I’m fairly certain that if I go a couple of weeks without posting anything I’ll fall out of the habit and that’ll be that. So lists it is. You can expect a lot of lists. Well, maybe not a lot. A once a week list. Mostly a Top Ten Tuesday list. Thank god for The Broke and the Bookish is all I can say.


2 thoughts on “Where’s my inspiration gone?

  1. Well I for one love lists and I’d miss reading your blog if you stopped posting ☺. The inspiration will come eventually I’m sure. I’m going through a similar flunk myself at at the moment and am telling myself I’ll feel more like blogging when Xmas is over!

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