2016 Resolutions Tag

I saw this tag done by Shannon at In a Wonderland They Lie and thought it seemed like a nice way to set myself some (hopefully) achievable goals for the coming year, both bookish and not.



In 2016 I will…

  1. Read at least 52 books – I managed 53 this year and I need to keep up that speed if I’m ever going to get through my mountainous and ever growing TBR pile. Or one day I may literally die after I’m crushed by all the books I haven’t yet read
  2. Read more books than I buy – because this year it’s just got out of hand. And my bank balance will be truly grateful
  3. Keep track of what I’m reading – time to actually use that GoodReads account



In 2016 I will…

  1. Post more reviews – I’ve already made a resolution to post a review at least every other week and hopefully with practice they’ll get easier and I can increase this to once a week
  2. Less lists, more actually posts – a properly thought out post may be harder to write but all these lists are just a sign of laziness on my part
  3. Make more of my travel section – I have this travel section, I have loads of travelling experiences and photographs, time to bring the two together and actually make it a fully-fledged feature of my blog



In 2016 I will…

  1. Take more photos – I do so many great things that years from now I’ll never remember because I don’t photograph them. I have this technology at my fingertips so I need to make the most of it
  2. Properly look through my finances – I have no idea where I spend most of my money, I don’t even really know if I’m living within my means. As horrendous as it might be to do it will be such a relief to have a budget to work to
  3. Exercise – Such a cliché I know but in 2015 my laziness levels have become comparable to those of a sloth. Once I’ve taken a look at my finances I might splash out on a gym membership so I can rediscover Zumba classes. Or just do a Ministry of Sound work out DVD in my lounge once a week

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