This week I’ve been reading… Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


I was on page 63 of this book when, with a massive grin on my face, I put my hand over my mouth and whispered ‘this is the best book ever.’

Ok, so it probably isn’t the best book ever but it is really, really good.

Eleanor and Park sit next to each other every day on the bus to and from school. What starts as a strong dislike soon grows into a silent friendship and an epic love story.

This book has the cute factor of The Rosie Project, the wit of John Green and the family drama you expect from Jacqueline Wilson. Oh and it also references Homecoming. It’s practically perfect. (Apart from the cynical adult in me who gets annoyed at all these YA novels who play your first love as your one true love. That is not how life works.)

I expected this to be a generic YA love story; a bit cliched, a bit cringy with one dimensional characters and an annoying plot. But that was just me being narrow minded, still living in the past of YA fiction when it used to be all girls moping after boys, not readable by anyone over 16. This book – like John Green and E Lockhart novels – is being let down by it’s label and anyone who was put off by the YA genre has missed out on a real treat of a read.

When I finished the book my first thought was ‘wow that was intense.’ Which probably had something to do with the speed at which I read it, barely coming up for air. But it’s also a testament to the writing – your first love is intense and a book should be able to convey that, and boy this one did.


2 thoughts on “This week I’ve been reading… Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

    1. Thank you 🙂 I imagine it won’t be long before someone does make it into a movie and I’d definitely be interested to see it (with fingers crossed it meets my standards!)


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