Jack of all trades

A character trait of mine that I am acutely aware of is that I have trouble maintaining focus. All my life I’ve been good at lots of things (excluding sport, I’m a lost cause when it comes to exercise) but never excelled at anything. Which, alongside my natural indecisiveness, has meant I spread myself too thinly, hopping from one interest to another as the mood takes me, whether that be hobbies, careers or this blog.

I started this blog with the sole focus being books, but sometimes I just like writing for the sake of writing so I had to include a general life section. And I love baking so I couldn’t not blog about that. And travel; what am going to do with all those travel pictures if I don’t share them on my blog?

Instead of consistently maintaining all of those sections I flit between one and the next. Two recipe posts a year does not a food blog make. I can’t remember the last time I posted about travel. And life posts come as and when the inspiration strikes, often in phases and then nothing for months.

As with so many of my flaws I am aware of it, dwell on it, lament it, but don’t actually have the drive or resolve to do anything about it. Not that I have any idea what could be done.

So why am I writing this? Because all my book blogging efforts are going on trying to keep up my fortnightly reviews, I have little to no interest in cooking at the moment but I do have a great idea for a new travel series. Not that I’ve put pen to paper yet. Or fingers to keyboard. Too easily distracted, that’s me.


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