Postcard from The Empire State Building

This is a photo of what you would see if you were standing at the top of the Empire State Building and looked up. I have this and many other photos of various views from the top of the Empire State Building saved on my laptop and I’m sure they’re very accurate representations of the effect you get standing there. I wouldn’t know. I have been to the top of the Empire State Building but once I was up there discovered my fear of heights was not something that would be easily overcome. So I left my friend to take photos and point out all the things she could see and I concentrated on looking nowhere but my feet, breathing deeply and reminding myself that there was no possible way the Empire State Building would choose this exact moment to topple over.


4 thoughts on “Postcard from The Empire State Building

  1. I’ll just say that your fear of heights is more advanced than mine. I took this particular shot with my own camera years ago, somehow not bothered. But then I remember that there are folks who shimmy up the tower even higher, to fix all the gizmos you see there. No, thank you!

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    1. It’s thinking about things when I’m up there which makes me so much worse! Or I imagine myself tightrope walking to another building and my legs just turn to jelly


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