As I write this Veronica Mars is playing on the TV, I have a half finished jigsaw spread out on the table and several tabs of Sporcle quizzes loading. Dinner is in the oven, I’ve got a load of washing in the dryer and before I go to bed I still need to shower, paint my nails and pack some lunch for tomorrow. Phew.

That has been my problem this week – distractions. Every night I come home with the intention of really knuckling down and writing some blog posts. But there always ends up being something more important – Pancake day, doing the washing up, putting my feet up and eating humongous amounts of biscuits because, uh my day has been so stressful (then being wracked with guilt, then doing the whole thing over again the next day).

But it’s been almost two weeks since my last book review was published and I cannot break my one remaining New Year’s Resolution. I haven’t reviewed my finances, War and Peace has put me well behind my reading schedule, I’m still a slave to the list post, but there has been one book review every fortnight. And by god there will be one this week!


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