Five things I will absolutely be doing when I am next in New York

It’s only two months until my next trip to New York and I’m starting to get excited. Actually, I’ve been excited for the past three months, I’m now getting very excited. Which is  a little strange because the previous two times I’ve been to New York I wasn’t exactly enamored with the place. Oh it’s spectacular for sure and one of those must-see-before-you-die kind of destinations; I’m just not sure it’s worth three visits. But I was offered a free trip by my aunt so how could I refuse?

In my first two trips I ticked off most of the big tourist attractions – Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn, Highline – and although I’ll be doing some of those things again, there are also a few new things on my list.

Climbing to the Top of the Rock (only figuratively, of course. I’ll be in an elevator)


It’s safe to say that my trip to the top of the Empire State Building was not a success. But seen as you can stay inside at the top of the Rockerfeller Center I think I’ll have a much better chance of conquering my fears and actually getting to enjoy the view.

Visiting the Natural History Museum


I have yet to go to any museums or art galleries in New York which seems like a bit of an oversight when they’re one of the things that the city is most famous for. I’ve settled on the Natural History Museum because Don really sold it to me in The Rosie Project.

Stuffing my face at the Tick Tock Diner


French toast, pancakes, waffles – the American’s know where it’s at when it comes to breakfast food. And the Tick Tock Diner holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I first discovered their joys. It also serves it’s breakfast menu all day long, which avoids the ghettoization of breakfast food to three hours a day, which annoys me just as much as it does Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars. And all of these maple syrup covered delights will be washed down with litres of proper American iced tea.

Exploring Central Park


I think you could visit New York fifty times and still not have explored all of Central Park. This time I really fancy going all the way to the North and walking around the reservoir. And just taking my book and plonking myself in Sheep Meadow for an hour or two when I fancy a break. And maybe a trip to the zoo, purely because I love zoos.

Watching a Broadway show


Another one of those obvious things to do that I just haven’t. Mostly because it’s incredibly expensive. But if I start saving right now (which means stop buying so many books!) I might just be able to afford the worst seats in the house for Chicago.

Anything else I should be adding to the list? 


3 thoughts on “Five things I will absolutely be doing when I am next in New York

  1. I did 3 of those things in New York: the top of the rock, central park and I also saw the musical chicago! One thing I can recommend for exploring Central Park is hiring a bicycle. I did so when I was there and could explore almost the whole park in two and a half hours :).

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