Postcard from Seattle Space Needle

The view from the top of one tall building looks much the same as the view from the top of any other tall building. Especially as the tall building you’re standing at the top of is probably the most interesting and defining thing on the skyline and now you can no longer see it. Like looking at the New York skyline from the Rockefeller Center rather than the Empire State Building.

There is no such alternative in Seattle; you go to the top of the Space Needle or you stay at ground level (or you walk to Kerry Park Viewpoint up a very very steep hill and be so out of breath once you make it to the top that you can’t enjoy the view at all). So yes, the Space Needle was a pretty major disappointment.

But as we were coming to the end of our trip and had just worked out we were substantially under budget, we splashed out on the double ticket to see the Chihuly Garden as well. And it was amazing. It’s just blown glass, just different colours of blown glass, but the way it’s lit and the way it’s displayed make it completely captivating. And you can be wandering around there for hours and still be finding new things to look at.

So maybe poke your nose out at the top of the Space Needle, just so you can say you’ve done it, but the real treat is to be found downstairs.


7 thoughts on “Postcard from Seattle Space Needle

  1. I totally agree. Being from Seattle, I’ve never actually been to the top of the Space Needle, but I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything. I’ve heard amazing things about the Chihuly Garden but they didn’t build that until after I’d already left for college, and I haven’t been back much since. I’m glad to see you had sun!

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