Postcard from Regent’s Park, London

Sometimes a photo fades from being a way to recall a memory to nothing more than a pretty picture. And others even years later can still take you back to that spot and that time and make you live it all over again.

This photo is the second type and I’m so happy it is because it was taken on one of my favourite ever days.

It wasn’t a day that had lots of amazing plans. In fact I woke up in kind of a bad mood; I had nothing to do, my mum was off to Wimbledon without me and I had horrendous sunburn from the day that had turned my shoulders, feet and face roughly the colour of a pomegranate. But it’s always the days that have no expectations on them which turn out the best.

On a whim I messaged my friend who lives in London to ask if she wanted to meet for lunch, which she did, and I headed to Kentish Town for a catch-up, Thai food and cider in a pub garden. And on my way back to the tube station I spied a few charity bookshops calling my name and managed to pick up two of my favourite second hand purchases of all time – that beautiful edition of Valley of the Dolls that I’m always harping on about and a 95p copy of How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran.

At this point I was almost closer to Camden than Kentish Town so I just kept going. And once I reached Camden I couldn’t resist the appeal of spreading out under a tree in Regent’s Park with my sunhat, a cup of tea and the last few chapters of I Capture the Castle. Which brings us to this photo as two hours later the storm clouds gathered and I legged it to the tube station just in time to get back to the hotel for dinner out with my mum.


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