Postcard from Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana

This is such a cliché of a photograph. But you can’t go to Oak Alley Plantation and not take a photo of the Oak Alley. That’s like people going to the top of the Rockefeller Center and not taking a photo of the Empire State Building. Or going to Venice and not taking a photo of the Rialto Bridge. Or going to Piza and not pretending to push the tower back upright.

Apparently the alley of trees was actually an 18th century attempt at air conditioning – the idea being it would funnel the breeze off the Mississippi right through the large open windows and into the house.

But other than that little nugget of information I found Oak Alley Plantation a rather dull place to visit. Pretty, but dull, like an aubergine or Kim Kardashian.

They do sell a particularly good pecan ice cream but that alone doesn’t really make a trip worthwhile. So why not instead visit Laura Plantation, just down the road, where there’s a whole lot more history; a family feud, a ground-breaking female plantation owner, outwitting the government and that’s just for starters. I don’t want to give away all the good stuff; it deserves a postcard of its very own.


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