This month I’ve been…

I’m really bad at these monthly wrap-up posts because the end of the month always comes as such a shock. It’s really only just clicked that we’re in the last week of April and so now might be a good time to start on my wrap-up post. At least that’s a bit better than doing what I usually do – waiting until I see loads of other people posting them to remember and having to churn something out in the last half an hour of the month.

Book buying has again been very limited. It got off to a great start with seven books bought in the space of one week but since then I must have been into my two favourite charity bookshops at least twice a week and just nothing is jumping out at me. I suppose it’s for the best as I might actually be in with a chance of getting those TBRs down to a more realistic number.

Or maybe not because according the Goodreads I’m now three books behind schedule. And it’s all War and Peace’s fault which no, I still haven’t finished. My brilliant plan to have a short break before going back to it all optimistic and rejuvenated was massively flawed as that ‘short’ break actually came in at closer to four months. But finally finally I picked it back up and almost immediately started enjoying it again. So maybe May will be the month I can finally mark that off as read and file it away on the shelf as one of the proudest achievements of my book reading life, never to be repeated again.

And then I can start on a spree of finishing off all those partway abandoned books – Mockingjay and The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared and Brave New World. Wouldn’t that be something?

In other blog news you may have noticed that I’ve been going a bit crazy with two recipe posts in two weeks and unbelievably I have recipes scheduled to go live every Tuesday for the next month. And in all those not a single biscuit, cake or pudding – so very unlike me. But apparently April was the month when I just couldn’t resist cooking myself fancy, instagrammable, worthy of writing up the recipes for brunches, lunches and dinners.

Actual life news is slim to none this month. I have continued to run which no one is more surprised about than me. I started off so optimistic when my running speed placed me in the ‘moderately fit’ category despite having done no exercise in the past year. But 20 runs later and it still only takes 20 minutes before I feel like I’m going to keel over and die right there on the pavement which is a demotivating to say the least.

I’m also in a fairly one-sided battle with my letting agents over whether the amount of noise the boiler makes, which now requires me to eat, sleep and live with ear plugs in, is enough to justify them sending someone out to repair it. I am firmly in the yes camp, they… have stopped replying to my emails. And what with the unreliable hot water and constant slamming of the communal front door in a way that makes the pictures on my wall rattle precariously it’s starting to look increasingly like the time is ripe for me to move. The only thing stopping me is the astronomical fee I would have to pay first to this letting agent just for the privilege of allowing me leave (which seen as I email them complaining at least once a week surely me moving out is only going to save them money in man hours?) and then an equal, if not greater amount to a new letting agent so I can move in somewhere else. So if you could all do me a massive favour and sign this petition to get letting agent’s fees abolished you’d have my eternal gratitude. Because a sleep deprived Lizzy is good for no one.


4 thoughts on “This month I’ve been…

  1. Good luck with finishing War and Peace! It took me over a month to read Anna Karenina, so I’m hesitant about even attempting W&P. In total agreement that it’s a massive reading achievement to do so! Also sorry to hear about your letting agent problems – that must be such a frustrating situation! Hope the boiler situation is fixed soon – lack of sleep is no fun at all 😦

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    1. Anna Karenina was a walk in the park compared to War and Peace. Unless you really really really want to read it I’d leave it on the shelf – to be honest I’m not sure it’s been worth my time and I’m not really enjoying it anymore. But I’m so so close to the end!

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      1. Haha, in that case, I think I will take your advice and leave it – I felt the same way about Anna Karenina torwards the end, so I’m not hugely desperate to read it. I think it’s just one of those things I feel I *should* have read!

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