Postcard from Regent’s Park, London

Sometimes a photo fades from being a way to recall a memory to nothing more than a pretty picture. And others even years later can still take you back to that spot and that time and make you live it all over again.

This photo is the second type and I’m so happy it is because it was taken on one of my favourite ever days. Continue reading “Postcard from Regent’s Park, London”


Postcard from Leicester, England 

I could talk you all to death about these exotic and interesting and fun places that I’ve visited but sometimes you’ve just got to take a moment to appreciate where you live.

Leicester has such a bad reputation. It just sounds like a grubby Midlands town with rundown factories and dodgy council estates. And sure, it has those parts, every city does, but Leicester also has quaint cobbled streets, beautiful parks, artisan bakeries, restaurants from every country in the world, culture, a dead King and a theatre with some of the best musical productions in the country.

I’d love it whatever it was like because it’s where I went to University and it’s where my mum grew up. But the more I get to know it, the more I start to feel like a local (a Leicestovian? Leicesterian?), the more I find myself harping on about its charms. Because people need to know. Because all this pressure, all this propaganda that says if you’re not living in London you’re not successful is wrong. You don’t always have to be in London to find the best of things.

Small Pleasures Week #8


You know how last week I said that these would always be posted on a Monday from now on……. yeah, didn’t happen. But I have a good excuse as I’ve been off on holiday (only to Kent) and was without internet for two days.

And because I’ve been on holiday it means that this week has been filled with lots of small pleasures. And some medium sized pleasures too.

1. Taking photographs

I am a horrendous photographer. Every photo I take is either blurred or wonky or has my finger in it. But what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm. I titled myself Official Photographer of the Holiday and there was not a moment that went by that was not immortalised as a photo. To be looked back on in years time and think ‘what on earth is that supposed to be?’

2. How old England is

I just love that no matter where you are in the country they’ll be some ancient manor house within an hours drive. We’ve pretty much exhausted the ones near where we live so it was nice to have some variety while we were in Kent. I’d really wanted to go to Hever Castle but unfortunately it was closed the day we were going to go so I didn’t get to swan around pretending to be Anne Boleyn, but we visited Winston Churchill’s house instead which was incredibly pretty.

3. Food

Going on holiday gives you carte blanche to eat whatever the hell you like. So I’ve had some truly humongous meals followed by some truly delicious puddings and I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Wonderful.

4. Pride

Considering it’s only March I’ve already seen three films which I could happily add to my list of favorites – first The Theory of Everything, then American Sniper and now Pride. It’s the true story of a group of gay rights activists who decide to start fundraising to help those involved in the miners strikes. Couldn’t really get two worlds more different. But it’s entertaining and heart warming without being mushy. I highly recommend.