Small Pleasures: Week #1

Two things happened to inspire this post, which hopefully will become a weekly event (so long as I remember). I’d been thinking about doing something like this for a while (well, about a week) after reading this post from ‘This is my blog.’ It talks about the small things that people with depression or anxiety take for granted when really, for us, it’s a big achievement. So I thought maybe a weekly blog post where I reflect on the highlights of my week would be a good way to make sure I’m not taking these for granted anymore.

Coincidentally the latest(ish) Blogging 101 assignment was to join some kind of organised community event and while browsing the Blogging 101 tags I came across this post from The Healthy Secret Identity who has joined in with an event that does exactly what I was thinking. Perfect. Must be fate.

So I will now be joining in with the Weekly Small Pleasures event talking about my weekly highlights. Here’s week one.

  1. Our neighbour’s cat

IMG_5771I have been deprived of owning a pet for all of my life as my father is not a lover of animals. But recently we had a new couple move in next door with THE MOST adorable cat. I’m generally much more of a dog person than a cat person but Belle is just too sweet for anyone not to love her. She’s not the cleverest of cats and gets our house confused with her house so we’ll often find her pawing at the back door wanting to be let in. Actually quite often we’ve found her in the house when we’ve left the back door open and she’s invited herself in. But as my dad went away for the day on Monday I let her in voluntarily and sat with her on my lap for a good half an hour. I swear, this cat would be a much better cure for depression than any of the tablets I’ve tried over the years.

  1. Getting into a clean bed with a hot water bottle and a good book

IMG_5688This is stretching the truth a bit as I actually got into a clean bed with a hot water bottle and a less than enjoyable book. I am not a fan of A Tale of Two Cities. I don’t care what everyone says, give me Jane Austen over Dickens any day. So maybe my small pleasure is that I’m now over half way through the book. Clean bedding is without a doubt one of the best things in life though. Nothing brightens up my day like remembering I’ve got a clean bed to get into.

  1. This coat

IMG_5852I bought this coat for £10. What a bargain! Especially as I’d seriously considered buying it when it was full price. Lemon yellow may be the least practical colour for a coat ever but, as my friend said, for that price even if I only wear it for one season before it gets too dirty it’s still a great buy. Although that doesn’t appeal much to my environmental credentials. It was actually a very successful shopping trip in general. I also bought some new jeans, a jumper, a dress, a necklace and three pairs of shoes. I might even go all fashion blogger and do a post on my purchases (but probably not). Just a pity it was all the day before pay day so I now have only £2.16 in my bank account.

  1. American Sniper

American_Sniper_posterI was pretty much dragged to see this film as I really didn’t think I would enjoy it. I imagined it would be full of violence and gore and a real boy’s film. And granted it did have a lot of violence and gore (I’m a wimp and had to look away twice) but it was still a fantastic film. If you were thinking about seeing it, GO! Even if you weren’t thinking about seeing it, GO! The whole cinema stayed motionless in their seats, not talking when it finished, which I think speaks volumes. It’s also been on my mind every day since I went and I’m seriously considering going to see it again.

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