This month I’ve been…

Books with a winter outfit

My biggest achievement of February has definitely been my book buying – I’ve only bought two books. Two books! Granted it is the shortest month so two days less temptation but still! I couldn’t believe it when I was looking through my shelves but nope – In a Dark Dark Wood and Only Ever Yours are the full extent of it; my bank balance must be so happy.

And I’m very glad that my book buying has been so successful (or unsuccessful depending on how you look at it) because my actual book reading has been a complete and utter failure. I am still reading War and Peace. I’m stuck at three quarters of the way through and my motivation to get any further is just non-existent.

I think the problem is just that it’s really long. Yep, that’s the hard-hitting, original, getting right to the heart of the matter conclusion I’ve come to – pointing out the bleeding obvious. But I just don’t think there is any author or any story I could find interesting enough that after 1000 pages I’d still be willingly coming back for more (JK Rowling aside of course).

I am going to have to knuckle down and get it finished soon though as every day of procrastination is turning my Goodreads target into a more and more ridiculous fantasy.

In non-bookish news I have still got the same job, despite the end of my contract having passed five times and I’m still living in the same flat, although six months later that fabled interiors post still hasn’t emerged. And a combination of the front door now slamming at eardrum bursting levels, one of the tumble driers having been broken for the past three months with no sign that it’s getting fixed, the heating becoming increasingly unreliable and the fire alarm randomly beeping in a manner similar to Chinese water torture means the honeymoon period is well and truly over.

In more positive news I had my one Leicester based friend round for dinner and we had a very pleasant evening eating my go-to pasta bake followed by breakfast bars (because she’d given up desert for lent and they were healthy enough not to count) and then watched The Virgin Suicides – which was an interesting adaptation but in my opinion didn’t live up to the reviews I’d heard or do the book justice (which I shouldn’t have been surprised about; book to film adaptations never win me over).

I also had all my university friends to stay which meant six people eating and sleeping in my one room studio flat. A bit of a squeeze but we just about managed. Although doing the washing-up after they’d left had me questioning whether it was really worth it!

And I’m starting to seriously plan a trip down to Australia to visit my friend who is about to leave for a year of travelling. At the moment we’re thinking a road trip from Darwin to Adelaide and then spending some time in Melbourne and I am so very very excited. The actual drive might turn out to be the biggest bore ever but after six months of not seeing her I think we’ll be able to fill a conversation for two weeks no problem.


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